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About Sensus Impact

Learn how Sensus Impact empowers the publishing community and funders to demonstrate the value of research.

About Sensus Impact

November 10, 2023

Information for Funders  |  Information for Publishers

Launched in February 2024, Sensus Impact is a joint initiative launched by Silverchair in partnership with Oxford University Press and powered by capabilities from Hum.

  • Silverchair brings existing technology to support Sensus Impact sustainably. Silverchair is a neutral supplier, with a content delivery platform containing built-in SEO, accessibility, security, and privacy.
  • Oxford University Press brought the vision to pilot this service. OUP is well positioned to connect societies, larger publishers, institutions, and funders.
  • Hum provides deep data integration and AI capabilities, as well as clean data design and UX to Sensus Impact. Platform agnostic, Hum has experience across many different publishers.


The resulting publicly available platform of Sensus Impact offers users visualized reporting on the reach of funded research (defined here as journal articles authored by researchers who received funding from an agency or foundation), synthesizing article downloads, alternative metrics, & citations in one user-friendly & interactive dashboard. Sensus Impact is the only product to offer a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the reach and impact of funded articles.

  • Reads / Downloads = Scientific community reach and impact
  • Alternative metrics = Social / Public reach and impact
  • Citations = Impact in future direction of science/discovery


The idea of impact is not a static one, so we see the launch of this product as a starting point. What is now a comprehensive view of bibliometric data, alternative metrics, and article metadata we hope to build out into a thriving ecosystem that spans syndication platforms, research lifecycle stages, content types, and research applications. While we build out this product, we will also seek to adhere to industry-adopted frameworks wherever possible. You can view our live development plan here


Information for Funders

Sensus Impact provides unique insight into the performance of the research you fund, allowing you to measure and evaluate its impact as it is published in academic journals. Measure 360 degrees of impact: from within the research community, broader impact on the public, and influence on future scholarship.

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With Sensus Impact, you can:



Understand the impact of your funding support based on the performance of published articles



Connect grants to their subsequent research activities and outputs



Evaluate author impact to facilitate grant decision-making



Monitor the reach of published articles from the research you fund



Measure the societal impact of funding support using attention metrics

Information for Publishers

With Sensus Impact, you can provide a clear picture of the value you provide to funders, authors, and policymakers. Demonstrate the reach that comes from your expertise reviewing, preparing, and promoting new research findings in interactive dashboards.

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Sensus Impact is here to help you:



Demonstrate the value of publication with quantitative visualizations



Protect integrity by supporting the Version of Record

open access


Support APC-funded gold OA while preserving publisher brand



Preserve author choice amidst new funder mandates

data interrogate


Interrogate impact data to examine publications, grants, and authors


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