Prolonged sitting is now recognized as an emergent work health and safety issue. To address the need for a scalable sitting-reduction intervention for workplaces, the BeUpstanding™ Champion Toolkit was developed. This free, online toolkit uses a ‘train-the-champion’ approach, providing a step-by-step guide and resources to workplace champions to assist them in raising awareness and building a supportive culture to reduce sitting time in their team. This qualitative study explored champion and staff perceptions of the beta (test) version of the toolkit. Seven work teams, from a range of workplace sectors (blue-/white-collar), sizes (small/medium/large) and locations (urban/regional) participated; all team members were exposed to the program (n = 603). Approximately 4 months after program initiation, semi-structured interviews were conducted with all champions (n = 7); focus groups were conducted with a random sample of staff (n = 40). Champions were followed-up again at 12 months (n = 5). Transcripts were coded by two researchers, with codes organized into overarching themes. All champions found the ‘train-the-champion’ approach, and the toolkit acceptable. Common enablers for intervention delivery included: champion passion for staff health and wellbeing; perceived fit of the program within existing practice; and, management support. Champions and staff reported improvements in knowledge/awareness about sitting, cultural norms, perceived stress, productivity and resilience. Facilitators for sustained change over time included a stable organizational climate and ongoing management support; barriers included workload intensification. The beta version of the BeUpstanding™ Champion Toolkit was highly acceptable to workplace champions and staff, and was perceived to have benefits for team culture and staff knowledge and wellbeing.

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