Acquisition of health promotion (HP) skills and knowledge is essential for interventions development in this field. In sports clubs (SC), little HP training exists even though it was requested by SC actors. In response, the PROSCeSS (PROmotion de la Santé au sein du Clubs SportifS) MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) was developed to support actors of HP in the SC in the development of HP interventions. The present study evaluates the MOOC’s effectiveness and learning process. The RE-AIM framework, measuring reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation and maintenance was used to structure this study. Surveys were sent before and after the MOOC to the 2814 learners. Among the 502 (18%) respondents to the pre-survey, 80% reported belonging to a SC as a coach (35%) or manager (25%). The 14% of pre-survey respondents who completed the post-survey increased their HP knowledge score by 42% and their confidence to implement HP actions by 6%. Results present the strategies considered most important and feasible by the learners and the main barriers to the implementation of HP actions in the SC. This study shows that MOOC appears to be an appealing (93% of learners were satisfied) and effective solution (as long as it is followed) to develop HP knowledge and skills of SC actors in HP, meeting their needs and constraints. Although improvements should be made (especially in terms of promoting adoption), this type of educational format should be encouraged to support the HP potential of SC.

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