Health literacy (HL) is a critical asset for 21st century learners to possess given its positive impact on health outcomes and educational attainment. Concerningly, HL is an area that primary school teachers report having a lack of understanding, confidence, and ability to teach. The HealthLit4Kids initiative aimed to address this issue through a series of teacher professional development (PD) workshops. To evaluate how teachers experienced the PD, teacher evaluations collected at the completion of each of the workshops were analysed using a mixed methods approach. According to the teachers, the PD had improved their understanding of HL, including how to implement it into their practice. The study also found that the teachers perceived that collaborative practice was a key strength of the programme, and that at the end of the PD, teachers described valuing HL more in their practice. Teachers reported time as a major barrier to them implementing the professional learning and suggested further resources could help to mitigate this barrier. Additional research is required to help substantiate the claims made in this research. This study also highlights the critical need for additional HL resources for primary school teachers.

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