The evolutionary histories of individual regions across a genomic alignment—called ‘local genealogies’—can differ from each other, due to processes such as recombination. Elucidating and analyzing these local genealogies are important for a large number of inference tasks, including those pertaining to species phylogenies, evolutionary processes and trait mapping. In this paper, we present a toolkit for automated local phylogenomic analyses, or ALPHA. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a wide array of functionalities for automated inference of local genealogies as well as analyses based on these local genealogies. The toolkit uses sliding windows to construct local genealogies and can compute a wide array of local phylogeny based statistics, such as the D-statistic. The toolkit comes with a graphical user interface and several import/export functionalities. Over the last few decades, much emphasis in phylogenomics has been put on developing tools for inferring species phylogenies. This toolkit complements those efforts by emphasizing the ‘local’ aspect of phylogenomics.

Availability and implementation

ALPHA is freely available for installation and use, including source code, at

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