We present the phippery software suite for analyzing data from phage display methods that use immunoprecipitation and deep sequencing to capture antibody binding to peptides, often referred to as PhIP-Seq. It has three main components that can be used separately or in conjunction: (i) a Nextflow pipeline, phip-flow, to process raw sequencing data into a compact, multidimensional dataset format and allows for end-to-end automation of reproducible workflows. (ii) a Python API, phippery, which provides interfaces for tasks such as count normalization, enrichment calculation, multidimensional scaling, and more, and (iii) a Streamlit application, phip-viz, as an interactive interface for visualizing the data as a heatmap in a flexible manner.

Availability and implementation

All software packages are publicly available under the MIT License. The phip-flow pipeline: The phippery library: The phip-viz Streamlit application:

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