Colorectal cancer is a heterogeneous disease with diverse prognoses between left-sided and right-sided patients; therefore, it is necessary to precisely evaluate the survival probability of side-specific colorectal cancer patients. Here, we collected multi-omics data from The Cancer Genome Atlas program, including gene expression, DNA methylation and microRNA expression. Specificity measure and robust likelihood-based survival analysis were used to identify 6 left-sided and 28 right-sided prognostic biomarkers. Compared to the performance of clinical prognostic models, the addition of these biomarkers could significantly improve the discriminatory ability and calibration in predicting side-specific 5-year survival for colorectal cancer. Additional dataset derived from Gene Expression Omnibus was used to validate the prognostic value of side-specific genes. Finally, we constructed colorectal cancer side-specific molecular database (CoSMeD), a user-friendly interface for estimating side-specific colorectal cancer 5-year survival probability, which can lay the basis for personalized management of left-sided and right-sided colorectal cancer patients.

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