Creating 3D animations from microscopy data is computationally expensive and requires high-end hardware. We therefore developed 3Dscript.server, a 3D animation software that runs as a service on dedicated, shared workstations. Using 3Dscript as the underlying rendering engine, it offers unique features not found in existing software: rendering is performed completely server-side. The target animation is specified on the client without the rendering engine, eliminating any hardware requirements client-side. Still, defining an animation is intuitive due to 3Dscript’s natural language-based animation description. We implemented a new OMERO web app to utilize 3Dscript.server directly from the OMERO web interface; a Fiji client to use 3Dscript.server from Fiji for integration into image processing pipelines; and batch scripts to run 3Dscript.server on compute clusters for large-scale visualization projects.

Availability and implementation

Source code and documentation is available at, and

Supplementary information

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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