Living cell strains have important applications in synthesizing their native compounds and potential for use in studies exploring the universal chemical space. Here, we present a web server named as Cell2Chem which accelerates the search for explored compounds in organisms, facilitating investigations of biosynthesis in unexplored chemical spaces. Cell2Chem uses co-occurrence networks and natural language processing to provide a systematic method for linking living organisms to biosynthesized compounds and the processes that produce these compounds. The Cell2Chem platform comprises 40 370 species and 125 212 compounds. Using reaction pathway and enzyme function in silico prediction methods, Cell2Chem reveals possible biosynthetic pathways of compounds and catalytic functions of proteins to expand unexplored biosynthetic chemical spaces. Cell2Chem can help improve biosynthesis research and enhance the efficiency of synthetic biology.

Availability and implementation

Cell2Chem is available at:

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