To support small and large-scale genome mining projects, we present Post-processing Analysis tooLbox for ANTIsmash Reports (Palantir), a dedicated software suite for handling and refining secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene cluster (BGC) data annotated with the popular antiSMASH pipeline. Palantir provides new functionalities building on NRPS/PKS predictions from antiSMASH, such as improved BGC annotation, module delineation and easy access to sub-sequences at different levels (cluster, gene, module and domain). Moreover, it can parse user-provided antiSMASH reports and reformat them for direct use or storage in a relational database.

Availability and implementation

Palantir is released both as a Perl API available on CPAN ( and as a web application ( As a practical use case, the web interface also features a database built from the mining of 1616 cyanobacterial genomes, of which 1488 were predicted to encode at least one BGC.

Supplementary information

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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